Welcome to my website - I'm glad you're here. Please look around and find out more about Larry Hubbard & Associates. There is a contact page, so you can call, IM, or email me. There's also a copy of my calendar, so you know my travel plans. And, you can always know where I am from my Facebook Personal Page

You'll likely think all my inter-woven websites are a hobby. I guess that's right. I'm not a web designer, but I do like to know how things work. So, I've linked together websites, wiki's, photo sites, blogs and just about everything else in these pages. It's a real maze, but it helps me learn how things work! Here are some other links:

  • My Calendar
  • Trip Log

    I also keep a page of all my web places on a Wiki so that it is easier to find things, and easier to update.

    And, of course I'm on LinkedIn, Facebook Personal Page, and Facebook Company Page.

    Internal Audit Services
    One of the things you'll find here is information about the training seminars (including conference presentations) and consulting services I provide to internal auditors. Quality Assurance Reviews are a big deal now, and I can help with those, or with a simple Larry's IA Checkup. My approach to QAR's is straightforward, but unique, and you might want to read about it here. You can also find a picture on the Other page in case you need it for a conference.

  • Recent Training
  • Conference Presentations
  • CPE courses for audit departments
  • Publications
  • QAR Approach
  • Larry's Cheat Sheets

    Photography, TRH, Etc.
    I've included several galleries of photographs I've taken. I'm still learning, but do have some pictures I like a lot. Including all those I've taken of my travels, The Rock House and the Shelties. Recently The Rock House (TRH) became The Rolling House (TRH) as I have moved my stuff into an 18ft travel trailer to travel full time .... hence, the new TRH.

  • Photo Galleries
  • All sorts of other things

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