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Larry Hubbard is a professional trainer and consultant with a broad background in accounting, auditing, and finance. Prior to founding Larry Hubbard & Associates, Larry's work experience included Mobil Corporation and Ernst & Young.

In addition to conducting his own training seminars, Larry frequently conducts training for other associations, such as The Institute of Internal Auditors.

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More Detailed Biography

Larry Hubbard is a location independent professional trainer and consultant with a broad background in accounting, auditing and finance. His experience includes audit management; information systems, financial, and operational auditing; financial reporting; consulting and training; and organization directorship. As principal of Larry Hubbard & Associates Larry delivers highly interactive, practical training and consulting to internal auditors and other professionals.

Larry is a frequent author, course leader, and speaker for The Institute of Internal Auditors and other professional organizations. Larry specializes in leading control self-assessment, creative thinking, information technology, operational auditing, and risk assessment courses. Larry authored The IIA's CSA Introduction, CSA Facilitation Techniques, Operational Auditing, and Financial Literacy for Auditors courses. He also was a member of Internal Auditor magazine's Editorial Advisory Board and edited their Back to Basics Department for eight years. Larry also published A Practical Guide to CSA. He is also a qualified validator for internal audit Quality Assessment Reviews.

Prior to founding Larry Hubbard & Associates, Larry was training manager for Mobil Corporation in Fairfax, Virginia, and helped plan the audit department's implementation of control self-assessment, a worldwide risk assessment methodology, and self-directed work teams. Additionally, he helped develop the training programs used to combine Mobil's 25 separate audit departments into a single, worldwide department. Immediately prior to his training position, Larry was administration director for Mobil Oil in Wellington, New Zealand. He was responsible for 200 professionals in accounting, auditing, information systems, purchasing, and tax functions, and a member of the steering committee for the implementation of the SAP accounting system in Australia and New Zealand. Earlier in his career at Mobil, Larry was financial reporting manager, audit manager, and information systems audit supervisor. Before joining Mobil, Larry was a manager at Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas, specializing in information technology audits.

Larry received his MS degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas and his BS degree in Mathematics from West Texas State University. Larry is now location independent; that is, he travels on a full time basis. He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Internal Auditor, a Certified Information Systems Auditor, and is certified in Control Self-Assessment. Also, Larry is a board member and past president of the Northern Virginia Chapter of The IIA and a member of the ACFE, AICPA, ISACA. When he is not working or tinkering with one of his many personal computers, Larry is an avid RVer, backpacker, and scuba diver.

and Associates???

OK, yeah, it's just me, Larry Hubbard. "& Associates" applies when I assemble a team of professionals to bid for and complete a project. "& Associates" also describes several other organizations that I work with or teach for regularly.

The organizations I work with include:

  • Risk Management Advisory Services
  • Courtenay Thompson & Associates
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors

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