Audit Training
Larry Hubbard offers a wide variety of training courses for internal auditors. Also, years of experience in auditing, corporate management, professional training, IT auditing, and financial reporting have prepared Larry to develop almost any other internal audit training that you need. From internal controls to information technology to self-assessment, Larry will use his experience to provide effective training to internal auditors and their management. Larry can fit together and explain all the buzz-words of auditing: COSO, CoCo, SOX, GRC, COBIT, ERM, CSA, CRSA, CAATT, PCAOB. This makes Larry highly-effective in showing others the "big picture" then drilling down into the details. Please contact Larry for more information or see the links for course outlines (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the outlines).

Larry's seminars are highly interactive and fun -- Edutainment! They can be held on-site for 8 to 30 participants. The cost is $5,000 per seminar day, including domestic travel expenses, with special rates for IIA Chapters and multi-day seminars.

Presentations --- Larry can also make a presentation at your conference or meeting. Click here for details.

Brief Descriptions of Courses. Click title for detailed outlines.

Auditing Skills

  • Persusaive Evidence -- The meaning of internal controls, effective audit sampling, and documenting audit evidence.
  • The IIA Standards -- How to understand and apply and interpret the IIA Standards
  • Root Cause Analysis -- Eight tools for determining the root causes of audit issues.
  • Operational Auditing --- covers the basics of auditing the operational areas of a company
  • COSO-Based Internal Auditing -- How to use the COSO frameworks to establish, conduct, and report internal audit work.
  • Auditing Techniques --- the basics for new auditors about The Standards, gathering audit evidence, and reporting audit issues

Advanced Auditing Skills

Speciality Courses

Current Events

Internal Controls and Risks
  • Operational Controls --- Internal Controls for non-audit staff, that is, workers in operational areas.
  • Risk Assessment for IA, ERM, Management --- all about Objectives - Risks - Responses, risk-based auditing, risk management, risk matricies, and other risky things like the errors people make in risk assessments.
  • COSO Internal Control and ERM --- a practical introduction to everything COSO - Internal Control, ERM, Small Company Guidance, soft controls and hard controls.

Quality Assurance

Facilitation and Presentation Skills
  • Butterflys and Sweat Beads - The Perils of Public Speaking --- this seminar provides tips and practice in presentation skills for professionals.
  • CSA - How the Best Do It --- This 1 day course reinforces the basic concepts of control self-assessment (CSA) and introduces the best practices and state-of-the-art approaches organizations are using today.
  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills for IA, ERM, and Others --- Learn, practice and improve your presentation skills and facilitation skills for Enterprise Risk Management and Control Self-Assessment workshops.
  • COSO - Facilitate That! --- This 1 day course helps prepare you to facilitate a control self-assessment workshop using the COSO framework.
  • Facilitation Skills --- If you are a self-directed team member, conduct workshops or teach seminars, then you know how important group facilitation skills can be. This 2 day seminar teaches the basics -- and then you practice and practice.
  • CSA From A to Z --- provides an introduction and facilitation skills practice in conducting self-assessment workshops related to risks and controls.