Larry Hubbard offers training and consulting services to internal auditors. Larry conducts his own CPE courses for audit departments, validates and performs Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR's) for compliance with the International Standards for Internal Auditing, and offers consulting services. Through The Institute of Internal Auditors Larry can provide any of The IIA's risk and control seminars on-site for your audit team. In association with Risk Management Advisory Services, Larry is an approved vendor of Quality Assurance Reviews for Commonwealth of Virginia state agencies and university audit departments.

  • CPE courses for audit departments
  • Short presentations for conferences and meetings
  • Log of recent training done
  • List of publications and courses developed

    Larry's Internal Audit Checkup
    Why not do something better than a QAR? Bring Larry on-site to improve your audit process by sharing ideas, experiencing survey- and workshop-based self assesssments, discussing state-of-the-art audit techniques, getting CPE and satisfying Standard 1312 all at the same time. Click here for Larry's IA Checkup!

    Strategic Partners
    Larry Hubbard & Associates has a strategic partnership with Business Automation Consultants, LLC to market and present seminars and perform consulting work. That partnership allows both organizations to expand their training courses and consulting capabilities.

    Consulting Services
    Listed below are some of the consulting services I can provide. Please contact me for more information.

  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Control and Risk Self-Assessment (CSA, RSA) implementation
  • CSA and RSA workshops
  • Facilitation skills training
  • Internal audit policy development
  • Best practice comparisons
  • Presentation skills training and coaching
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM) services
  • Coaching for new audit directors

    Larry's Cheat Sheets
    I have also developed a set of Larry's Cheat Sheets that contain everything you need to know about selected audit topics. I update these all the time, so contact me to get the most up-to-date ones.

    Audit Beliefs

    Before I come on-site, you should know some things about my audit views. These are at the core of all my work.

    I believe:

    • Management controls are things managers put in place to help workers do the right things.
    • Setting objectives is one of the most basic management controls.
    • Internal control frameworks, like COSO and COBIT, are for auditors.
    • There's no such thing as a "good audit finding".
    • The best audit report is no audit report - as in, Everything Was OK!
    • Everything internal auditors do should help reduce the need for after-the-fact auditing.
    • Recommendations don't add value. Implementation does.
    • Consulting is about improving process flow; auditing is about finding controls in process flow.
    • People doing the work always know more than those reviewing their work.
    • In the future, great auditors must be great facilitators.

    I also believe training should be fun!

    • Participants learn more when it is fun.
    • Fun makes everyone more creative.
    • Having fun is good for auditors.
    • Boring training is really boring!
    Want to know why I believe these things? Give me a call.

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